What Countries Legalized the Cannabis?

What Countries Legalized the Cannabis?

The discussion around the legalization of cannabis is relevant now not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world. In different countries, issues of full or partial legalization of cannabis are being considered currently, or at least its use for medical purposes.

Currently, the status of cannabis is different in each state. For the sake of discussion, we can distinguish four groups of countries where:

  1. Cannabis is fully legalized - it is allowed to grow, store, consume and sell for medical and recreational purposes by persons over 18 years old.
  2. Partially legalized - cultivation, storage and consumption is allowed, but with certain restrictions. For example, you can store no more than 5 or 10 grams and can’t consume it outdoors. The nature of the restrictions may differ from country to country.
  3. It is allowed to use only for medical purposes - strictly according to the doctor's prescription.
  4. Cannabis is completely banned.

The Uruguayan government in 2013 was the first in the world to decide on the full legalization of cannabis. For a long time this country was the only one where cannabis could be grown and sold, until Canada joined in October 2018. Right now, full legalization of cannabis is present in these two jurisdictions.

Cannabis is partially legal in 30 countries. They include USA, Australia, Chile, Argentina and most of Europe. Thus, in the Netherlands where coffee shops selling hemp have been operating since the late 70s, it is also only partially legalized. Another 14 states allow the cultivation, use and marketing of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

The distribution of countries in which cannabis is legalized is shown in the infographic.

Ukraine is on the list of those countries where cannabis is completely banned on the legislative level. However, the authorities are raising questions about the possibility of passing a law that will allow the use of therapeutic cannabis.

More details about the benefits and risks of legalizing cannabis in Ukraine will be discussed on May 13, 2021 at Medical Cannabis Kyiv Conference.

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