Medical Cannabis Kyiv Conference 2021 – Event About the Benefits and Risks of Legalizing Medical Hemp

Medical Cannabis Kyiv Conference 2021 – Event About the Benefits and Risks of Legalizing Medical Hemp

The first Medical Cannabis Kyiv Conference dedicated to the use of medical hemp for treatment purposes and the problems of its legalization in Ukraine will be held on May 13, 2021.

Event will be useful for lawyers, business professionals, investors, members of public organizations, patient associations, representatives of agricultural holdings and pharmaceutical companies, pharmacy chain owners, legislators, researchers, doctors, etc.

Why are we organizing Medical Cannabis Kyiv Conference?

Today, the application of medical cannabis is legally allowed in Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Turkey and other countries. The cannabinoids are believed to help fight chronic pain, muscle cramps, anxiety and depression, as well as reduce symptoms of various diseases and improve the quality of life of patients who are battling cancer and receiving antiretroviral therapy for HIV infection.

In Ukraine, the use and research of cannabis for medical and scientific purposes is prohibited. However, government officials are raising the issue of its legalization.

In particular, the Office of the President of Ukraine previously reported that about 2 million residents of the country required the use of hemp for medical purposes in 2020. And during a popular poll that was conducted in October this year by the initiative of President Volodymyr Zelenskyi, Ukrainians were asked if they supported the legalization of medical cannabis to help severely ill patients ease the pain. As a result, 70% of respondents approved the idea.

Already in November, David Arakhamia – Head of the Servant of the People faction announced the establishment of a working group at the Verkhovna Rada aiming to develop a draft law on the use of medical cannabis in the production of medication.

Today, the issue of legalizing medical hemp and regulating this market remains controversial. Representatives of the authorities, members of various organizations and activists are expressing opposing views on whether it is necessary to decriminalize medical cannabis in Ukraine. Thus, people need a platform where experts would reasonably discuss the purposes for application of medical hemp, as well as the advantages and risks of adopting the corresponding legislation.

Topics featured at the conference

Medical Cannabis Kyiv Conference program includes informative reports, two panel discussions, a demo zone with products and services from specialized companies.

Event will feature qualified experts from various fields. They will talk about the peculiarities of medical cannabis, analyze how it can be used in therapy, and explain what risks may be encountered in this case. The speakers will explain what countries of the world approve the use of medical hemp and tell about the prospects for the adoption of relevant legislation in Ukraine. In addition, they will share personal stories of how cannabis has helped them fight serious illnesses.

Topics that will be addressed at the conference include:

  • Current state of cannabis application on the international arena. Experience of European countries.
  • Medical cannabis: clinical matters and practical risks for patients in Ukraine.
  • The future of cannabis legislation.
  • Medical cannabis: Transformation of the traditional healthcare.
  • Educating medical specialists. What qualification shall be acquired by medical professionals before prescribing cannabis-based treatment?

Demo zone of the event will present companies working in the sector of agronomics, production, agriculture, healthcare, pharmaceutics, etc. that will showcase their products and services. Conference attendees will learn about their products, consult with representatives and discuss further cooperation or implementation of joint projects.

Registration to the event is already open. All ticket categories are available for purchase.

Join the event to find out how medical cannabis can help in treatment of diseases and learn about the benefits and risks of its legalization.

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